Organising Your Open Day which can drive student admission combined with information dissemination and personal counselling

The aim of the DIIS’s Open Day is to give prospective students the chance to find out more both about the courses and student life offered at the Centre. 

Open Days are becoming increasingly influential on how students make decisions. More parents are attending Open Days with prospective students and universities and awarding organisations and colleges or learning centers need to cater for these two distinct groups. Not all course providers are meeting the expectations prospective students place on their Open Days, but DIIS is committed to meet the requirements of students using Open Day as a platform.



The Open Day is an opportunity to find out more about our degree courses, to meet learning centre and university/ awarding organisation’s staff and students, and obtain up-to-date information about studying at the learning centre such as DIIS.

The teaching faculty/advisors/counsellors advice on topics such as Graduate Careers including on-campus placement, internship, Student Loan, Scholarship and Bursaries, Student Welfare and the learning experience as a whole. We encourage both students and parents/guardians to attend the event.



A programme detailing the day's contents will be available beforehand to enable visitors to gain the maximum benefit from the Open Day, and it is therefore essential that prospective students register with us beforehand. Registration can be made online or calling the learning centre or DIIS helpline or in some cases, by returning the freeport slip at the back of the prospectus.

In order to host a successful open day DIIS has put together communication and coordination. We offer the following guidelines:



DIIS Works Together to make Open Day a Success

DIIS staff work together and pool their efforts to plan and organise the open day towards the benefit of a prospective student. We ensure that we make the event a team effort, ensure members of staff are briefed about the event and clear on the role they each need to play in order to make it a success.



DIIS Plans the Date and Time keeping in view of Students’ availability

DIIS organises the event far enough in advance that can communicate prospective students well in time. It also keeps in view of the potential employees who would like to attend may currently be employed elsewhere and will need to arrange time off.



DIIS Advertises the Open Day

When Open Day is nearing DIIS makes special announcement in its website dedicated to the event. It also uses social media tools and a host of other promotional vehicles to reach out its prospective students. In our communication we ensure our campus location is accessible to the public, make use of easily visible signs or posters advertising the event.



We are assisted by our partner Awarding Body

Our partner awarding body, such as Cardiff Metropolitan University, assistsus in very specific ways with their expertise to arrange such event at their main campus. Either they arrange for a live broadcast connecting DIIS campus with their main campus or appoint their key staff members to visit us to counsel students.




Online Open Days & Virtual Chat Events

For those that can't make it to campus we host a series of Online Open Days and Virtual Chat events throughout the year. Chat with members of University staff from the comfort of your own home. These events often contain a range of presentations and multimedia content.


Online Chats and Events


We host a series of Online Chats and Virtual events throughout the year for prospective students and applicants. These events let you chat with our staff, students and alumni from the comfort of your own home! Many of these events include multimedia content such as recorded presentations, videos vodcasts and podcasts. The majority of these events are open to all and will be advertised on our events page. Please note however that certain online chats will be by invite only.


Register for a chat event

Current Group Chat

Upcoming Group Chat



FAQ for a Prospective Student

DIIS learning centres’ Open Days are available to all those considering applying to our courses, as well as parents, carers and advisers. We aim to provide information and advice about our partner universities, awarding organisations and third party course providers – all about their courses and the learning experience they render.

Why attend the Open Day?

This is a great opportunity to meet staff members and career counsellors and ask questions about the courses you are interested in studying.

Making the most of the Open Day

Have a look at the schedule of events and plan what you would most like to get out of the day.

If you need assistance

If you have a disability or an access requirement, please let us know before the event by contacting the Enabling Support team at the open day can make arrangements for any help you may need on the day.