Certification and Convocation

DIIS arranges learners convocation as per the provision of respective awarding body, which include Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. The convocations are for a range of qualifications ranging from undergraduate to graduate students and even some diploma qualifications that are individually recognized.

Apart from convocations DIIS also arranges for campus wide commencement ceremony, and difference in this case is that degrees are not conferred at this event, and are usually hosted by the respective awarding body.

Convocations are designed to complement the campus wide Commencement ceremony and are scheduled to avoid any conflict with the campus wide commencement ceremony.

Registering for Convocation Ceremony

Our helpdesk provides registration information from the respective awarding body. Some of these events require tickets and/or registration..

Autumn Quarter Convocation

Winter Quarter Convocation

Spring Quarter Convocation

Summer Quarter Convocation

However, DIIS has provision to arrange a special purpose convocation depending upon the arisen need for the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions related to CMU Graduation Ceremon


Before the Ceremony
Ceremony Date

  1. How many tickets am I entitled to?
  2. We guarantee 2 guest tickets each (this does not include the graduand, the person who is about to receive an academic degree).

Requests for additional guest tickets is dependent on the capacity of the venue and the response we have from students wishing to attend the ceremony.

We recommend you put the total amount of tickets you require on your form and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Tickets will be emailed to your Cardiff Met student account and personal email address via a Print at Home system.  Please print your tickets and bring them with you to your ceremony.  Regular updates will appear on the Graduation Web page regarding allocation of tickets.

Any tickets we have returned to us will be available on a first come, first serve basis on the day of the ceremony at the Cardiff Met reception desk at the ceremony venue.

  1. Will my tickets arrive in time if I live overseas?
  2. Your tickets will be sent to your Cardiff Met student email account and your personal email address via a Print at Home system.  Please print your tickets and bring them with you to your ceremony.
  3. I haven’t received my graduation tickets.
  4. Tickets are not issued until the week before the ceremony, due to examining boards still taking place up until the graduation ceremony. We ask all graduands to be patient.

Cap & Gown
After the Ceremony


  1. When will I receive my certificate?
  2. If you do not receive your Certificate on the day it will be posted approximately 8 weeks after the ceremony.

Q. What if there is a mistake on my certificate?

Please contact www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/graduation after the ceremony to inform us and return the original certificate. We are unable to issue a new certificate or transcript until you have returned the old certificate.